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Conservative T-Shirts, Authentic Tea Party T-Shirts™, Political Cartoon T-Shirts and more!

You've come to the right place for unique conservative t-shirts including our exclusive Tea Party T-Shirts from Tea Party Signs. If you don't see anything that you like click on the Design Your Own link to the right!
Don't forget to click on the link above for Steven Crowder's Video Social Security is a Ponzi Scheme.
The  Silence Is Consent! - Buy a T-shirt now to make a statement before you can't! At Conservative-Cafe we guarantee you will NOT find any liberal gibberish on our website. The search window (top left) using one or two key words is great! Only Authentic DC Tea Party T-Shirts, Authentic Tea Party T-Shirts™ and other Conservative T-Shirts. We are 100% believers in the capitalist system and only print Conservative Political T-Shirts and sweatshirts. Our motto is "No to Big Government - Yes to Freedom!" Speak boldy with Authentic Tea Party T-Shirts™ directly from the minds of Patriotic Americans just like you!

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Most of the Political T-Shirts on our website were inspired from my trip to the DC Tea Party on 9-12-2009 and my trip to see the Tea Party Express in Birmingham, AL on November 9, 2009. I was looking through the DC Tea Party photographs reliving the experience when the light bulb turned on... The American people have a great sense of humor and a sharp wit to get to the point in few words... these signs would make great Conservative T-Shirts! The rest is history.
For a truly Unique T-Shirt browse GlennFoden’s and Eric Allie's Political T-Shirts featuring cartoons from these true artists. Their political cartoon t-shirts will have you on your knees. These have a bit more artistic touch but still make your point like a sharp stick in the eye. Our Conservative T-Shirts featuring cartoons from Glen and Eric are some of the best in North America. They are unique, second to none in detail, color, and fun!
Contact us at about volume discounts on our fine works of art!  Choose from Authentic DC Tea PartyT-Shirts™ or Design Your Own T-Shirts ... at Conservative-Cafe we have you covered.

Today's Specials

"Things Liberals Hate" T-Shirt
Price: $14.95
"Things Liberals Hate" T-Shirt
Things Liberals Hate T-Shirt
DC Tea Party "Don't Tread On Me" T-Shirts by Eric Allie
Price: $14.95
DC Tea Party "Don't Tread On Me" T-Shirts by Eric Allie
DC Tea Party Don't Tread On Me T-Shirts by Eric Allie. Eric design this specifically for the 9-12-2009 DC Tea Party!
"Vote Freedom Not Benefits" T-Shirt
Price: $9.95
"Vote Freedom Not Benefits" T-Shirt
Vote Freedom Not Benefits T-Shirt
Who is John Galt?
"Who Is John Galt?" ... Authentic DC Tea Party T-Shirts from Signs
Price: $10.95
"Who Is John Galt?" ... Authentic DC Tea Party T-Shirts from Signs
"Who Is John Galt?" ... Authentic DC Tea Party T-Shirts from Signs

NEWS 4-03-2013: We just started up or newest state-of-the-art digital t-shirt printer and dryer. The Kornit Thunder 932NDS printer allows us to print on dark t-shirts so we have added black t-shirts as a choice. If you choose a black t-shirt we will modify the artwork for this change.

We nearly 300 Authentic Tea Party T-Shirts™ and other Conservative Political T-Shirts on with many more on the way! 













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